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I was born in Florida, grew up in New Hampshire, matured in New York City and live with Aloha in Hawaii. 

I travel often...and usually far.

I’m a dreamer and an achiever.

I’m a wannabe vegan. I’m a diehard animal lover.

I cherish memories and love those I'm surrounded by.

I'm outside in nature - always. Preferably barefoot. 

I’m honest, loyal, generous, and kind. 

I'll take a hot coco over coffee any day - but I LOVE cappuccino <3

I go crazy for soft things.

I love arts + crafts time - all the time.

I enjoy listening more than I like talking.

I dance when no one’s looking (I love me some salsa!) 

I’m obsessed with tiny things.

Sparkles and good food make me smile :) 

I can’t function without music - but silence is golden.

My happy place is swinging in a hammock.

I heart chocolate covered sunflower seeds and mojito’s.

I’m a photography addict. I will never not be a photographer, not on any day of my life, not in any moment.