You could say I’ve lived many lives...

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And it all started with a flood.

When I was about 11, my family albums, including photos of when my mother was pregnant with my sister and I, to when we were born & well into our childhoods, were all damaged beyond repair when our storage container flooded while transferring homes. All the photos documenting our childhoods…were now & forever, gone. To say I was devastated was an understatement. [Enter my 12th birthday present, a Canon Rebel XS…] From that moment on, I vowed to never let another moment pass without taking a picture…and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years and counting…

From my birth state of Florida, to the rustic outdoors of New Hampshire, to over 11 years of wearing suits in New York City, I found myself in Maui, Hawaii - which I’ve called home since 2011. With a deep appreciation for fine art since my youngest days, I honed in on my stylistic strengths through a degree in Arts Administration while simultaneously pursuing professions in various entertainment & tech companies, ultimately assisting and managing alongside some of the most talented in each industry. After over 15 years of exploring, I had yet to settle into a profession that 100% fit me…so I decided to create my own!

And that’s precisely why I’m here now as a professional family, maternity & childhood photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. To never let anyone’s moments go unnoticed or undocumented...because I believe in the power of preserving memories no matter the time or place…on land and of course…in water.

When I’m not adventuring along with my clients and their families, you can find me embracing my simple yet active surf lifestyle on Maui’s North Shore. I’m that girl who is always barefoot and outside discovering uncharted territories throughout the islands, or beneath the ocean surface, soaking in every beautiful experience possible.


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I’m a wannabe vegan. I’m a diehard animal lover

I travel often…and usually far

I’m obsessed with caffè breves <3

I love arts + crafts time - all the time!

I played Division 1 College Lacrosse 

Sparkles and good food make me smile

Did I mention I’m obsessed with sparkles?!

I can’t function without music

I’m a Foster Parent for the Maui Humane Society

My happy place is in the ocean

I was once stung by over 10 Portuguese Man O’War on my hands

I heart chocolate covered sunflower seeds and mojito’s