A special shoot for a special family raising a very special (and photogenic, and adorable, and hilarious, and so much more) baby named Avery.

Sometimes, life passes you by slowly and steadily...but most of the time, if flies by. And that's precisely what happened with this family. Time flew by so fast that before they knew it, Avery was 10 months old and they hadn't taken any professional photos of him. So instead of letting time fly by even more, we decided it was time to slow it, really SLOW it down, and transport little Avery to a magical place on Oahu's North Shore in a small, safe town called Laie.

It was at this very special place that time ceased to exist and this adorable family had plenty of time to shine, breathe in fresh, salty air, and enjoy moment after moment with little Avery. Our shoot was nothing short of magical and I'm so so excited to share some of these time stopping, heart thumping moments here with you now.

After all, why wait?

Enjoy <3