Samoan fire knife dancing is an art. Period.  

It's not easy and it certainly isn't something that someone can learn in a year, or even three. Unless of course, you practice daily, it totally consumes your life and your dedication to it far exceeds your drive for anything else. THEN, it's totally possible, and then some. Oh...and it helps if you're this guy.

Meet Joemy.

He's talented, humble, focused, passionate, driven, and a total game nerd; and he wouldn't have it any other way. I'm lucky enough to say I've watched Joemy grow over the years into the talent you see today, and it doesn't stop there. He's also a kick-ass videographer. "Talented" is clearly an understatement. 

See him in action for yourself - he definitely doesn't disappoint. You can catch him at the Drums of The Pacific Luau at the Hyatt Maui as a full-time fire knife dancer for Tihati Productions.  

He's on fire...literally.