Pacific Biodiesel recently planted sunflowers as its first biofuel crop on Maui and without any hesitation, the blooming sunflowers generated overwhelming attention island-wide and dominated local social media in ways you'd never imagine. 

In my short lifetime, I don't recall ever seeing such a beautiful crop, let alone a crop paired with such a beautiful backdrop like our West Maui Mountains! So naturally, I jumped on board the photo-train and made my way over with my good friend Sabine to snap some fun photos. 

I'd like to think I was one of the first to pull over and get my sunflower "fill", but honestly, who knows! Regardless, we captured them at just the right time in their bloom before they (and the birds) began to give into natures cycle and do their thang. 

If you're waiting for me to say, "we stopped and smelled the sunflowers"...well, yes. We did. And it was awesome & full of happy, buzzing bees. 

Visit the Pacific Biodiesel website for more information, frequently asked questions, and videos about the company’s Maui biofuel crop <3