It's not often I photograph vow renewals, but when I do...I fall head over heals in love with my clients! A few times a year, I find myself accompanying couples in love and their closest friends & family, to small, peaceful vow renewal ceremonies in remote locations here on Maui. Why do I only photograph these a few times a year? That's a great question! To be honest...I have no idea why...but what I will tell you is this...I cannot wait to capture moments like these more and more in my future! To witness love so pure and true, is exactly what I want to surround myself with. And the stories! Oh the stories...:-) 

Meet Eva & Jeff. They hail from the East Coast in Pennsylvania and after 25 years of blissful marriage (seriously, they're the poster children of what love should be like), they decided to jump on a plane to Maui and renew their vows at a cozy home nestled in the Haiku jungle on Maui's North Shore. And their officiant? Laki Ka'ahumanu...one of the best and warmest...and funniest. Did I mention funny? Because he is. Excruciatingly so! My new nickname is "Eh! Photographer Girl!"

The secret to 25 years of successful marriage & partnership you ask? Make them your best friend; bicker...don't fight; and love with everything you have. And a sense of humor, because lets be honest...laughter is good for the soul.

Mahalo Eva & Jeff for allowing me to witness this ceremony & deep love that you share. I wish you a million lifetimes full of laughter, beauty and peace together.