Family portraits are some of my favorite sessions for so many reasons...but the main reason is because I get to meet the cutest children who a majority of, are experiencing Maui for the first time ever! The parents are amazing too!

This adorable family from Florida was visiting for a friend's wedding on Maui and decided to extend their trip a bit longer to enjoy some more time away from home (and work, let's be honest) but mostly to hang out with their adorable 2 year old daughter Tessa. Now Tessa told me the moment I met her that she HATES the, with a passion. As a matter of fact, she nearly cried the moment we stepped on the sand to start our beach portrait session! So I made it a point to take her by the hand & help her fall in love with it, frame after frame.

Needless to say, it didn't take long and Tessa and I were dancing in the sand and waves together and even naming a few of our fellow rocks that she made her own personal islands by standing on top of them oh-so-proud <3  It's clear that one day, Tessa will make her mark in a much larger way by conquering her fears one at a time, as quickly as possible, with a huge smile while holding up her dress like a true, classy female. 

Mahalo Briana & Ian for being such wonderful beings and especially, Tessa, for making this Maui Portrait Session one to remember!