My good friend, whom I consider family, Kely, is an unbelievable shaper. You may have heard of him under the alia "Kely-Boy" or "Manuela Shapes", or you just might have seen his boards around the waters of Hawaii, catching wave after wave with some really talented riders walking back to front with ease, style and grace. 

Regardless, he's kind of a big deal - an an awesome human. He wasn't always covered in dust, but nowadays, that's where you'll find him. Shut away in his garage, honing in on a skill that comes so unbelievably natural to him - giving each board a nickname that just speaks to him from beyond our universe (Mine is named "Feivel" - long story but chills ran down my spine when he blurted this out as he made the final touches on my 9'2"). Sounds silly, but from personal experience...the names work - and they're completely relevant to every board and their rider. Some riders...just might not know it yet.  

Saltwater runs through his veins. And his long boarding skills? Priceless. Read about Kely's "Journey Through the Foam" - and when you see him, toss him a shaka or five.

He's totally rad. 

Photo © Amanda Emmes 

Photo © Amanda Emmes