My family sessions typically last up to 60 mins (depending on special circumstances of course)..and this particular session, was one of those circumstances...

When we first spoke, Vi mentioned her two boys were a bit "restless", but incredibly sweet, cute and absolute best friends with one another....joking with each other more than fighting. I didn't think much of it because 99% of children at every session are the exact same - and trying to make a child (especially on a beach in Hawaii) focus on family and NOT the water?! Not the easiest! 

Along comes the session and from the moment I laid eyes on the boys...I couldn't agree more.

These two lil guys were absolutely adorable, incredibly sweet, cute to the "T" and SO stylish! How could these two be restless?! With positivity on my side, a perfect location and a beautiful Maui sunset...we headed right for the beach. 

Fast forward a few minutes later...

And they were off! Running, playing in the shoreline and completely dismissing all of us! What charmers! ;-) With some sweet talking from us all, paired with a little direction, and stealing little moments here and there when we could, we absolutely nailed this session, despite their infinite amount of energy, water splashes and quick footing. And all in about 25 minutes!!!

Honestly - this session was so much fun...I'd hit repeat any day! Vi - thank you and Ariel for your patience and trust - this session wouldn't have been the same without it! <3