It's your 2nd anniversary and your 1st time to much to do in so little time! 

When Hannah initially reached out to me, she was looking for a candid session near a waterfall, or some foliage, or mountains or maybe a beach...or all of them if possible. The Hawaiian Islands hold a special place in their hearts, as does the landscape, and she wanted to make sure they captured ALL of it during their first time to this island. And boy did we...

I'm ALL about adventures...seriously, just take a look at my Instagram feed (@amandaemmesphoto) and you'll see I'm always hopping around the islands (or world) in search of fun! I was super eager to work with Hannah & Daniel, not only because of her adventurous spirit, but because of her amazing personality and the way she described her & her husband's love for each other. Who wouldn't want to capture that?!?

Mahalo Hannah, Daniel, Mother Nature, and beyond, for filling this session with endless amounts of positive romantic ions, sunshine, laughs and amazing conversation. I can't wait to see you two on your next anniversary!