It’s funny…I feel like many of my blogs have begun with “weather issues” here in Maui - but honestly, and I PROMISE when I say - weather in Maui is 9/10 days PERFECT. Seriously! It’s only occasionally that we get weird rain, storms, etc. I just mention it because a bunch of my clients worry when they look at the weather forecast for the islands and they start thinking about rescheduling, new locations, etc.

I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again - weather here moves quick! I swear, those weather folks at The Weather Channel just look out the window and give a forecast - don’t listen - they’re typically wrong. Just wait and if there’s ever anything to worry about, I’ll be in touch couple hours prior to your session ;-) I promise, you’ll never be left wondering what’s next with our session!

With that said, Madeleine & Austin’s first trip to Hawaii hadn’t been going very well - it rained the whole time they were here and they didn’t get to explore how they wished they could have. With our luck, the heavens cleared and the sun brought out it’s “A” game - but not without a few clouds in sight and a small sprinkle prior to our session.

We went ALL out - three outfit changes, land + ocean photos, rocks & beach, as a couple + solo - this gal and her 34 week (super adorable) bump toughed it out and all I have to say is….wow. Mahalo to the both of you for being so beautiful, so in love, and so adventurous!



Weather reports across the Hawaiian Islands were going bonkers. Tropical Storms or Hurricanes? How many are to the North and South? Will they miss us? Luckily they both did, and simultaneously (phew)! But not without gifting us with some turbulent, milky waters, and lots of cloudy skies and rain showers.

Insert Vivian & Louis. 30 weeks pregnant and as adorable as ever…currently vacationing on Oahu. They found my underwater maternity photos so breathtaking, that they just had to fly me over to Oahu to capture these once-in-a-lifetime photos…so off I went!

I swear, my full-time job isn’t being a Photographer - it’s being a Weathergal! The amount of time I spend checking the weather, analyzing ocean conditions, wind & sun direction, is just bananas! It’s part of my job, and my life as a surfer…but when it comes to working around Mother Nature for scheduled photo sessions? I should seriously start my own reporting station! (Past clients…you know this and thank you all for sticking through the “storms” that may or may not have happened. You all rock!).

Shoot time: Sunrise.

Forecast: Ocean conditions: murky all over the island, NSEW. Currents: Even more bananas. Swell: 5-7 ft faces. Weather: 60% chance of rain.

Actual Session Conditions: Ocean: Turkey & 2-5 ft. Currents: Still bananas. Weather: 0% chance of rain.

So what did we do? Shot at my favorite North Shore Oahu location for the land portion, then travelled 10 minutes SE to another location for calmer waters & stunning backdrops. Result?


Mahalo Vivian & Louis - you two were beyond “great” xo

How To Style Your (Gorgeous!) Postpartum Body For Your Maui Photoshoot

Congratulations! You’ve just given birth and your whole world has changed … including your body. This beautiful body of yours just birthed your little one (s), and while things don’t look or feel the same as they once did, now is the time to celebrate and adjust into your new role as a parent.

How else to celebrate this new addition to the world than wish a photography session?! You may have scheduled a newborn session, or scheduled a session for your 3, 6 or 1 year old…because let’s face it, time flies and they grew MUCH faster than you anticipated! During this time, you’ve been working your way back to your pre-baby silhouette and dressing your postpartum curves has been the absolute last thing on your mind! Don’t worry…I’m wearing pajamas even while writing this - because what we wear is typically always the last thing on our minds!

To help assist in your upcoming photography session, or for those occasional work days, trips to the park or out on a hot date with your partner, here are a few techniques to help you dress your postpartum body in style & confidence…because believe me sisters, we ALL need some guidance!

Wear Dark Colors. Dark colors absorb light and minimize shadows, which help conceal curves that you’d prefer, stay incognito! Lumps and bumps are disguised by dark fabric, and your body seems longer if you choose an outfit that’s darker from head to toe. Too simple? Add some lively accessories like a statement necklace, a cute hat or some stylish bangles! If black isn’t your thang, try dark brown, charcoal grey, or navy. Check out styles like this dress from Lulu’s.

Wear Print (but not too much!). Prints are also another helpful trick to concealing details of your midsection or curves. How? They create a distraction and help highlight your overall (gorgeous) shape! I suggest wrap dresses that help compliment your shape, accentuating your upper waistline while embracing the long, flowy fabric below. This style is one of my favorites and helps compliment ALL body types to be honest! Like this one at Lulu's.

Keep things Loose & Flowy! During pregnancy, you most likely embraced this time with your bump and highlighted it whenever possible with tighter clothing & silhouettes. Now that bump is no more, but you’ve still got a little left over that you’d prefer to camouflage (clingy clothing? Stay FAR away!)…so try some stylish options like this from Lulu’s. Too billowy? Cinch it in a bit at your upper waist with a cute belt or fabric wrap!

Fabrics that forgive. Garmets made of soft, flowing materials naturally melt more smoothly over your body than once that are tightly woven or even bulky. Think cotton blends, jersey knits...

Be a minimalist. Choose shirts & dresses without many ruffles or pleats, or ones with a simple silhouette. Clean works best if you’d rather not emphasize your shape…

Fake it till you make it. Take advantage of “shape wear” - slimming tanks, cami’s that have a little more compression around the areas you need it the most. They make panties that hold in your tush, thighs, waist and tummy, helping you feel your most confident (and smooth) no matter the outfit. Nordstrom Rack has some affordable options - look around!

Stick out your neck. Embrace v-necks, scoop necks, boat necks, and off-the-shoulder necklines. Honestly, you should be doing this regardless of your figure, because I have yet to see a neckline and shoulders that don’t look sexy with these cuts! See that collarbone that’s just sitting there, creating the most sexy shadows ever? Say hello and make it your best friend. You two are going out ALL the time!

Be a jean queen. This is important: purchase jeans that fit your body how it is shaped right now - not how it was or how you want it to be. The proper fit is crucial! Too low? Hello muffin top & weirdly squeezed thighs. Too loose? What’s up with that saggy butt you now have? Keep it high-waisted where the waistband naturally hits at your natural waist - and keep them a bit stretchy for shape and a little extra support. BONUS: the higher waist tricks theey into thinking your legs are longer than they are! So pair them with a cute shirt slightly tucked in the front to accentuate those “long” legs.

Add an inch (or two). Sneakers are comfortable, and sometimes super cute! But if you’re going out on the town, or if you just want to look cute when dropping back into work to show off your latest addition, add some length to your frame with some block heels or wedges. Stability is SUPER important when toting around your little one, so go for safety of course, but keep it somewhat stylish.

And most importantly…be patient. Your body just brought another life into this world. If that’s not the single most beautiful things EVER, I don’t know what is! BE PROUD. BE CONFIDENT. It will come through in your photos and isn’t that exactly what you want??? What’s most attractive, is your love, nurturing ways, and your ability to persevere through anything that gets in your way…even if it’s you ;-)

To Sum it Up:

  1. Wear Dark Colors

  2. Print can be your best friend too

  3. Keep things loose & flowy

  4. Be a minimalist

  5. Fake it till you make it

  6. Stick out your neck

  7. Fabrics that forgive

  8. Be a jean queen

  9. Add an inch (or two)

  10. Be patient

Childhood Magic - Maui Style

When a fellow (and amazingly talented) photographer reaches out to you to capture her & her family on their first trip to Maui, you jump up; raise your hand; and say YES!

Immediately upon meeting Claire & her family (did I mention they’re all gorgeous?), I knew this sunset session was going to be SO much fun! With open hearts, beautiful flower crowns, flowing dresses and the perfect sunset & backdrop, we jumped right in and made the most of the high tide & lava rock surroundings…

Not only were their outfits coordinated to perfection; the fabric was comfortable with plenty of beautiful textures, and their small accents like leis and crowns were just magic!!!!!

Need help coordinating your wardrobe for your upcoming family session? Be sure to check out my recent “Planning Your Wardrobe: Hawaii Family Photography Session” Blog!

As for Claire, if you’re in the area of Phoenix, Arizona and looking for an amazing newborn photographer, be sure to visit her website HERE <3

Much love to you & your family Claire…and of course, thank you for choosing me x

Underwater Hawaiian Maternity Dreams


It’s Soon’s first pregnancy and she’s known from the beginning that she wanted to do an underwater maternity shoot with gorgeous crystal clear water…and where else than in Hawaii!

Now, let’s be clear (no pun intended), finding clear waters on Maui for an underwater photography session isn’t always guaranteed, but at Sunrise & at some of my personal favorite locations, our chances can be higher than usual, giving us those breathtaking & dream shots!

Luckily on the morning of our session, the water Gods were watching over us, as were the weather Gods! But really, clouds don’t scare me…they offer more dramatic skies and that’s kiiinda my thang ;-)

Did I mention these two lovebirds were just as beautiful as the Sunrise & Ocean itself? Soon & Nick, you two were made for each other…and your little one? Easily the luckiest!

A big mahalo to these to magic makers <3

A Maui Maternity Engagement


From the very first moment Vanessa contacted me about a maternity session during their trip to Maui, I was already beaming at the visions we had discussed to make her session as perfect as possible. But then…Tom contacted me separately…

During their session, he wanted to propose to the love of his life that has made him that happiest man alive for the past 6 years+! I squealed a bit when he contacted me because I had just the place, and at sunset, it was the perfect time!

So we set the cues, confirmed a few times prior, and before you knew it, the session day had arrived!

Now Vanessa? She had NO idea! So while Tom and I were dropping little hints to each other about when & where behind her back at our session, Vanessa was too busy taking in all the gorgeous scenery around her. And honestly, you can’t blame her ;-)

I set them up, mentioned our cue, gave Tom a swift & reassuring pat on the back, and he nailed it! After an obvious yes, some tears, iPhone photos & outfit changes, we jumped in the water and celebrated with the most adventurous sunset water session! And these two? Yea…they walked off into the sunset & the rest of their lives.

And as for me? I followed them like the creeper w/ a camera that I am, snapping away! Sorry folks, that’s just how I work!

And now, some of the best YES moments from my time w/ Vanessa & Tom <3

Mini Maui Mornings


I always recommend Sunrise sessions for families with little ones for so many reasons…and it’s primarily due to the time difference my clients (and all tourists) experience when they arrive on Maui for their vacation. For 99% of my clients, they’re already up briiiight and early, well before our scheduled session - so by the time we meet, they’re already wide awake! Well…maybe not Mom & Dad ;-)

Mini contacted me with visions of pastels, neutrals, some greenery, lots of lava rock, and some bright sunshine to capture her growing tummy, her husband, and their adorable son. Luckily, this location at Sunrise is perfect for all of the above!

I always arrive slightly early to my sessions in hopes I can be there before my clients so they have a reference point…but in this case, Mini and her Ohana had already arrived! And apparently, they’d been there for over 30 minutes just taking in all the beauty! I mean…can you blame them?

Some of my favorite moments from my Sunrise Session with this adorable family at one of Maui’s most gorgeous beaches <3

NYC Power Couple Does Maui

Where: Maui, Hawaii | Who: Annie & Jeremiah | Why: Maternity Land & Ocean Session

What do you do when two stylish & super sweet Brooklynites contact you for a Land & Ocean Maternity session on Maui? You make the time…and you make it count ;-)

I’m not gonna lie, I love it when fellow New Yorker’s come to Maui and choose me - it brings a little piece of the Big Apple to my eye and helps me remember my 12 years there!

Sorry Hawaii…if you must know, I’ll always be a New Yorker ;-)

When Annie initially contacted me, we had originally scheduled one of my Land sessions, but last minute, she upgraded to my MAKAI Land & Ocean session and I couldn’t have been more excited!

With a gorgeous location set and my water-housing ready, we set out on an adventure to say the least! The Maui Sunset? Perfect! The ocean? NOT so perfect!

By chance, I was available the next morning following a separate Sunrise session, and contacted Annie & Jer to see if they wanted to jump in the ocean because I spotted some clear water near their hotel. Without hesitation, these two showed up within 15 minutes looking as dapper as the evening before and WE. TOTALLY. KILLED. IT! The Ocean? PERFECT. Annie & Jer? EVEN MORE PERFECT.

Annie & Jer - you know I can’t get enough of you two! Thank you for your positivity, sense of adventure, deep breaths and long walks on the beach. You two were worth it all and then some. <3



The skies in these photos are stunning, am I wrong? In fact, they were beyond stunning…but only for a short time. First, let me introduce Allyson & Eric...

Allyson & Eric are visiting Maui, Hawaii for their very first time, choosing to bask in the sunshine for the best baby moon ever. Allyson is about 34 weeks pregnant with their first child (a baby girl - woop woop!) and an absolute trooper & ray of sunshine (more on that shortly…). Eric, her patient, awesomely adventurous and positive husband, stands by her side as one of the luckiest guys ever. They’re both, in fact, extremely lucky!

Maternity photography is hands down, my favorite type of photography. Mix it with the ocean & Maui, and you’ve got me hooked for life! The forecast called for partly cloudy skies, sunshine and 5 mph winds - pretty perfect if you ask me! We arrived at our location optimistic, however, Mother Nature decided to surprise us with clouds rolling in deep, sprinkles and lots of white wash in the ocean. After much discussion, laughs, and an option to reschedule, we decided to roll on to the empty beach and make it our own. And I’m so glad we did…

With my state-of-the-art weather reading abilities, I knew we’d have some sunshine soon, but not for long. Enter Mr. Sun - for about 10 minutes - it was gorgeous! Sprinkles, rainbows, the whole gamut. Then, came a shift in winds, and more clouds…and a downpour. Allyson & Eric didn’t bat an eyelash though - they said “the show must carry on!” (Gawd I love these two!). I promised them the sunset would be worth it…and I swore by it with my life & camera (in water-housing of course)…

An outfit change, soggy sand, more rain and lots of love later, we made our way into the ocean to get whatever underwater maternity shots we could with the semi-clear waters. It was just then, the rain stopped, the sun angled perfectly through the clouds, and we were blessed with the most gorgeous conditions & sunset ever. Not going to toot my own horn…but I kinda knew this would happen - and I’m SO glad these two (and their mini) held on with smiles!

From our Rain & Shine, beach & ocean photography session in Makena, Hawaii. One of my favorites and definitely, one for the books!

Photos in order of weather progression…



Let me kick off this post with a high five to these two awesome human beings….

From the moment we arrived at our location, we were giggling and laughing without hesitation - and it seriously carried on during the WHOLE ENTIRE SESSION. Yup, no joke. I’d love to take credit for bringing them out of their shells….but the credit all goes to them! I was merely just a gal with her camera witnessing their amazingness. To say these two are warm and friendly is a severe understatement. If I could underline the word severe in this program, I totally would!

What’s even more hilarious is this was their first time having photos done and you CAN’T. EVEN. TELL. that they’re feeling uneasy and not-yet-caffeinated. They were rockstars in every sense, and their future lil boy will no doubt, be just as approachable as they are.

Woop woop to you Sara + Ryan! Come back soon - Maui needs your sunshine <3



Gabriela contacted me because she was 1) Looking for someone to accentuate her 23 week bump; and 2) produce artistic & dramatic photos capturing her very first baby bump. But also…in a place that’s not your typical place on Maui ;-) With some tedious planning, plenty of communication and preparation about precautions, and alot of hand holding (for balance of course!), we set off on our adventure!

SPECIAL NOTE: This adventure & location is NOT for everyone! It wasn’t easy as it involved a super muddy hike, plenty of time both in and out of the trails, and cold cold water. I don’t do shoots here often, but when I do, they’re always magical!

Sunset is my best friend, especially at this particular location. And it seems, the sun was really happy to have us, as she put on a gorgeous show of lighting that completely blew us all away. Was it cold? Yes. Was it muddy? HECK YES….

Was it even worth it??? YOU BET.

See for yourself <3



The wind was prevalent all over Maui…and I mean eeeeeeevvvvvvverywhere! There are only a few spots on island where you can fully escape the drifts, whips, and squalls, regardless of the wind direction…so I made sure we made the most of our little hideaway as best we could - and boy did we!

Dianne & Dustin arrived on Maui for their baby moon…their FIRST baby moon…and they were just smitten. A little bummed because of the winds, but obviously, Maui delivers when it comes to beauty (regardless of weather). A little mix of sunshine, calm waters, a slight warm breeze and a couple that radiated love & excitement for their new lil one, made this session so effortlessly beautiful - I literally could have photographed them for dayyyyys!

Thank you both so much for your positivity, wonderful conversations, and easy-going nature <3 Water sessions aren’t easy, but with a little extra time & effort, they always end up breathtaking!



Dress - Check. Hair - Check. Baby bump - Check. Adoring husband - Check. A session I can’t stop staring at? - Infinity Checks! 

They arrived in style, with the perfect outfit changes, accessories, and cuteness that any photographer could ask for! Sorry...but her dress...I LOOOOOVE!

A huge congrats to these two adorable parents to be - I can't wait to see your little one! 




In just one month, Kimberly's life will change forever...(just kidding...I just received an email today that she's officially a momma!)!

With a little girl on the way, her and her partner are beyond thrilled for this new adventure! After just moving to Maui a few months ago, they're not only adjusting to their new life in Hawaii, but now, making way (and room) for this little gem to enter their beautiful world. 

With visions of waterfalls on her mind, we set out on a bit of a muddy walk to reach our sandals of course...and enjoyed every slippery moment of it. After all, it's totally worth it once you reach the falls, right? Totally right...and the photos....beyond magical.

Some moments from my time with the brave & beautiful, Kimberly <3