The lovely Coco doesn’t need much of an intro…but if you must know, she’s as smart, intelligent and driven as she is beautiful (and did I mention hella FUN?!).

We kicked off our session bright and early and she was chipper as could be and full of so much energy & confidence - it’s no wonder her beach photo session blew her own mind! And mine, of course. What made her own this session, you ask? Her willingness to step outside of her comfort zone. THAT’S IT! Simple right? Hey, it’s 2019…take a chance ;-)

Solo sessions can feel intimidating, especially if you’re not one for having your photo taken on a regular basis or even at all! Feelings of vulnerability & insecurity like “OMG do I look like a fool? Did that person see me do that? Please direct me…please, I’m awful”; mixed with feelings of “I’m fierce and I WANT to rock this because I LOVE MYSELF - I don’t care what anyone thinks - no even my photographer!”….are totally fine and natural…and completely welcomed! I’m here to help you see a beauty in you that you never knew you had (or you knew you had, but needed a little reassurance)…

I’ve heard it all, I’ve seen it all, and nothing phases me…especially because I think everyone is beautiful, inside + out. Plain. Simple. Boooooom.

Mahalo Coco, for being so magically you and embracing all that makes you so wonderful! New England is lucky to have ya!


When it’s your 10th go all out...or IN in this particular case ;-) 

Sarah & Josh dove into this session with such love, patience and FUN - I think I could have photographed them for the rest of the day. And the conditions were just gorgeous! Water was perfect with juuuuust enough clarity...the sun was shining...the morning greeted us with pastel skies and stillness... But really, my favorite part was that the beach was ALL ours. It was like Maui said..."Hey, you guys deserve a special morning, so I'm gonna give it to you. No worries - just enjoy!". 

Maui - thank you. And Sarah & Josh - come back soon. You were an absolute delight <3


Portraiture is my absolute everything.

I live for beauty in so many ways, shapes + forms...but when it comes to capturing beautiful souls, I get so excited before every single shoot. Seriously!

Solo portraits are hands-down, my favorite. Why? Because with every client, I get to help you become more and more comfortable in your own skin, and try new things! Speaking of trying new things...Miss Abigail here wanted a few water portraits mixed in with her land portraits, but was a bit nervous because Hawaii oceans aren't like your typical oceans! Can you blame her? She's absolutely right! #strangerdanger

Well, that's where my extensive knowledge in lifeguarding, surfing, Hawaii's waters and swimming come right in! And of course I jump in the water with you so we're experiencing it all together :-)

Abby was an absolute natural in the waters here - as you'll see through her calm, natural essence in each shot. Mahalo for trusting me Abby...and seriously, amaaaazing job! You made this shoot easy peasy.

© Amanda Emmes  |  Hair & MUA by Marlee: South Shore Studio


Meet Morgan.

She's got stories...attitude...motivation...heart...and muscles galore. But what she's got the most of is strength. Infinite strength to be honest. So she's making moves...BIG moves...because she's got so much creativity and drive within her, that it can't be contained. And I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

LA, watch out. Fitness world, watch out.

Morgan in her element...



Hawaiian vacations make the Olson family happy - so happy that they have been coming back to Hawaii for years and years with so many more trips to come!

It's not often this family of four is able to get away with just each this was their chance to relish in each other's company with little on their agenda. Except this photo shoot and dinner afterwards ;-) 

They call their lives "typical", but my time with them was far from it...and they're one of the most laid-back, low maintenance, loving families I've had the opportunity to shoot - and I"m soooo thankful they strolled into my lens! 

Mahalo to you all <3



It all began in 2013 when they were first introduced by family...then came the first date on Oahu. Shelly commuted back & forth from Singapore to Oahu and sometimes the Mainland for business reasons, but soon, it was for Paul.

Fast forward a little over a year, with Shelly still residing in Singapore and Paul now on Maui, their love was still going strong, and became even stronger when Paul proposed in November of 2014. Soon after, a gorgeous wedding in Bali in 2015.

Still after being married, distance separated them for various reasons, and commuting became a somewhat of a pattern for them. Nonetheless, they persisted. Until Shelly found out she was pregnant! 

With a recent move from Singapore to Maui, Shelly, Paul and their 2 year old maltipoo Cleo, are finally a family...and growing by the day! Congratulations to this persistent little family full of so much love (and the occasional bark) - I can't wait to meet your little one! <3