It had only been a couple weeks since they arrived and their luck had turned for the worst...well, sort of. 

The Neal Ohana arrived on Maui, their first time ever being in Hawaii, and everything was going perfect! Weather was gorgeous, rainbows were plentiful, beaches were soft and sandy, and the air was warm...and then came a large wave that swept them off their feet during an afternoon beach walk. Dad jumped into save mom and daughter, but the fear was stricken into little Gwen of the sand and water, and well, dad's wedding band seems to have disappeared. 

Fast forward a few days, a couple bumps here and there, and it's the day before your annual family photo shoot (how exciting right?!). Gwen takes a slight fall and the pavement leaves marks all over her beautiful face, just in time for photos! Could things get any better?! They were definitely hopeful!

Along comes our beach session (yes, that includes sand and water...something Gwen was NOT so fond of from days prior!) and the Neal's were honestly, just hoping for the best of what was left of their luck. With some giggles, great conversation, leading by example with bare feet and lots of cuddles, Gwen opened up into the cutest smiles, despite her injuries from the day before....and Mom & Dad...they were SO grateful! The session came to an end and Jasper & Jonathan were just "hopeful" that the photos would turn out okay, and weren't expecting any magic because honestly, the worst was just catching up with them.

Well...I worked some magic that session that they didn't see until the end...and then some. I do my absolute best to catch moments, smirks, glances and glimpses of love that otherwise go unseen, and I'm SO excited to share with you the final photos from our "lucky" session...

Mahalo Jasper, Jonathan, and especially Gwen, for being uplifting, strong, and most of all, so much fun to get to know. xoxo