Based in Maui, Hawaii, I provide portrait photography services using natural light for:

Individuals - Maternity - Couples - Families - Intimate Elopements

I LOVE working on the smaller side of things as it allows me to focus in on you + your loved ones in your most natural, fun-loving state - basically, just being YOU! Using my signature photojournalistic approach, I dive into our session by silently observing, occasionally directing, and anticipating moments before they happen...all while composing your natural interactions & authenticity on the move. Combine that and my expertise with Hawaii’s warm + natural light, I see all the little details and then some, allowing me to capture all the realness and special unrehearsed moments that will be unique to your session and your session only. 

I approach our time together with a flexible, open mind - taking full advantage of our location, weather conditions, magical lighting and overall mood, to produce a meticulously hand-edited collection of images tailored to your organic story. I don't fit into a particular style of portraiture - as I take inspiration from you, our environment, and everything else that makes our time together, unique - creating pieces that tug at your visual heart-strings one at a time, in ways that words can't seem to describe. 

The portraits I create will outlive you and your time here...so trust me as I continuously stop, look and watch. I pride myself on not just raising up my camera and shooting to hopefully catch something...I watch and I wait for those perfect glimpses of time that will forever, give you the feels. 

Helping my clients feel comfortable in their own skin is my goal, Every. Single. Time. We tend to be our own worst critics, but I promise you...the way you are is perfectly beautiful in its very own way - YOUR way. I’m just here to help you shine!

My clients have said time and time again how comfortable they feel around me from the moment they meet me - so try not to think of any of our sessions as awkward or feel nervous...I'm here to make you feel like we've been friends for years and that our session is just a fun get-together with lots of conversation and laughs!