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Finding a photographer whose style, visions & personality resonate with you, is essential. That’s why before we even discuss session options & pricing, I make sure I get to know you as much as possible. I don’t just want to know your travel dates & what session you’re interested in…I want to hear your visions & what brings you to Hawaii.

Do you gravitate toward more candid, love-filled moments that go unscripted? Sun (or water) soaked images that are a bit more “edgy” & bursting with love + everything that makes you, you? Don’t worry, we’ll fit in just a couple traditional posed portraits here and there…but I prefer the messy, raw & emotional moments that make you one-of-a-kind. Sound like we might be a good fit? Perfect! I think so too ;-) Let’s get started…


Every client & every session is different, so I never show up to my sessions with a plan! We typically begin with some traditional posed portraits. After capturing these, our session will naturally unwind so I can capture those candid & honest moments. I’ll dive in by silently observing, occasionally directing, and anticipating moments before they happen...all while composing your natural interactions & authenticity on the move. If you’re a bit shy, don’t worry! If a situation requires me to insert myself in order to create space for authentic & emotive moments to happen, that's what I’ll do for my clients. I am a photographer, a director, a curator, and most of all, a story teller!

My mantra? “Let them be wild!”

Water is a big element of my work, so you’ll most likely end up in at least waist-deep water at the end of your session. So come prepared to leave wet, a little sandy, and with authentic ocean images!

nice to meet you

After much anticipation, our session is finally here! Sure, we’ve emailed back and forth quite a bit, and maybe even shared a few texts & phone calls…but this is most likely the first time we’re meeting face to face, so I’ll make sure we chat a bit before we begin our session. Let’s talk about your day, your wardrobe, what makes your kiddos happiest, any new developments or visions, and of course, anything else that’s on your mind (vacation questions included!). I want to listen, help & know it all!

forever + ever

Creating a comfortable, laid-back space for you & yours to be yourselves, is my absolute promise. Behind all my state-of-the-art humor, silly faces, and flowing conversations, there is total in-the-moment focus - and it’s all yours. I’ll also keep you so well-informed up to the day of your session (and therafter), you’ll feel the most confident you’ve ever felt about a photography session.

Trust that my visions are all yours when we are together, and I promise…I’ll show you the love x